At Richter & Shimoni we conduct patent searches and advise on patenting strategies, prepare and file your patent applications globally, and creatively negotiate with the Patent Examiner to optimize the scope of your patent protection.

We engage in the drafting and prosecution of highly sophisticated patent applications and strive to maximize the impact of your inventions across a broad range of technologies including:  

Software & Algorithms, Medical Devices, Communication Systems, Cybersecurity, Hardware, Mechanical Devices and Systems, Physics, Retail and Manufactured Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry as well as Bio- and Agrotech.

Software, Algorithms & AI
Medical Devices
Communication Systems
Mechanical Devices
Pharmaceuticals & Chemistry
Biotech & Biology

Israel Office

Richter Shimoni Patent Attorneys
4 Oppenheimer St. | Floor 6 | Rehovot

Mailing Address:
P.O.B. 1260
IL-7611201 Rehovot 

T: +972 (0)8 68 999 61
or: +41 (0)22 508 7033

Swiss Office

Kasche & Partner AG
Patentanwalt Dr. Kasche
Bühlstrasse 1
CH-8125 Zollikerberg/Zürich

T: +41-44-395 44 88
or: +41-44-395 44 86
F: +41-44-395 44 84


German Office

Patentanwalt Dr. Kasche
Cremerstrasse 7
DE-55595 Wallhausen

T: +41-44-395 44 88
or:  +49-6706 960 704
F: +41-44-395 44 84


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